Our mission and values

Our mission and values

We live and breathe our values. They are integral to everything we do.
We have a bold mission, underpinned by our five-year organisational strategy and our strong principles.

Our vision 

Our vision is a fairer Scotland for young women and girls: a Scotland where young women are meaningfully heard, valued and supported to lead collective action and enact transformational change throughout society, systems and structures. 

Our mission 

We work to build a movement embedded in safe spaces and wellbeing for young women and girls to come together and access resources, networks and platforms to collectively challenge inequality, lead radical social change and re-imagine our world. 

Our values 

Equality, diversity and inclusion underpin everything we do. We are fair and equitable.  

Our work is participatory. We exist for young women and are led by young women.  

We empower participants to build communities of friendship and support networks and find joy in our collective actions and connections. 

We understand the impact of challenging inequality on those most affected by it. We lead with kindness and empathy, putting collective wellbeing at the core of our organisation.  

We deliver our work with integrity and are proud of the work we do.  

We are bold and brave. We do not shy away from challenging the status quo and taking radical steps to make gender equality a reality in Scotland. 

Our principles 

Intersectional feminism 

We value the diversity of lived experience from the young women and girls that we work with. Young women and girls are the experts of their own lives.

We collaborate across social movements to create local, national and international change. 

We shift the balance of power to centre the voices and experiences of young women and girls who are at greatest risk of systemic discrimination.

Youth work 

Participation in our work is voluntary. We provide a range of opportunities that enable young women and girls to participate in ways that work best for them and suit their needs. 

Our work builds from where young women and girls are on their individual journeys. 

We work collaboratively with young women and girls to enable them to create change in their own lives, their communities and society at large. 


Our work is led by and for young women and girls. We co-design our programmes, research, campaigns and future strategic direction with young women from the outset. 

We take a proactive approach to removing barriers to young women and girls’ participation throughout the organisation at both strategic and operational levels. 

We continually collect feedback from our community and adapt our ways of working transparently based on the views and experiences shared with us. 

Our strategic pillars 

Unlocking young women and girls’ potential   

Connecting young women and girls’ voices and experiences 

Mobilising young women and girls’ collective action

Challenging systemic inequality affecting young women and girls in Scotland   

Inspiring feminist wellbeing for and by young women and girls