Our team

Our team

Young women are at the heart of everything we do. We work collectively to equip them with resources, networks and platforms for leading radical change. 

Our staff provide safe, engaging learning and development opportunities to equip young women with the knowledge and skills to champion positive change in their communities and beyond. We engage with key decision makers across society and promote the voices, needs and expertise of young women for creating feminist solutions to key social issues. 

Our Board of Trustees support our leadership team in strategic development and operational decision making. They are committed to ensuring the longevity of the organisation to support new generations of feminist leaders and grow this national movement tackling gender inequality. 

Our Advisory Collective and Glasgow Advisory Panel of alumni support us in developing our strategy and designing our programmes and resources.

Meet our staff team


  • Jenny Snell, the CEO of The Young Women’s Movement

    Jenni Snell



  • Emma Hill

    Emma Hill

    Head of Programmes and Operations
  • LIBBY SMITH Business & Finance Coordinator, smiling at camera.

    Libby Smith

    Business & Finance Coordinator

Partnerships & Events

  • ELENA SOPER Partnership & Events Lead, smiling at camera.

    Elena Soper

    Partnerships & Events Lead

Research & Policy

  • Dr Rebecca Mason, research & policy lead smiling at the camera.

    Rebecca Mason

    Research & Policy Lead
  • SAFFRON ROBERTS Research & Facilitation Coordinator, smiling at camera.

    Saffron Roberts

    Research & Policy Coordinator
  • A photo of Samar, who has dark curly hair and glasses and is smiling at the camera. There are trees and grass in the background of the photo.

    Samar Ziadat

    Heritage Research Coordinator

Learning & Engagement

  • ANGELA MELVIN Learning & Engagement Lead, smiling at camera.

    Angela Melvin

    Learning & Engagement Lead
  • HEIDI MCLEAN Learning & Engagement Coordinator, smiling at camera.

    Heidi McLean

    Learning & Engagement Coordinator

Collective Voice & Action

  • LAURIE DUFFY Collective Voice & Action Lead, smiling at camera

    Laurie Duffy

    Collective Voice & Action Lead
  • LOU CHAUVIN Collective Voice & Action Coordinator, smiling at camera.

    Lou Chauvin

    Collective Voice & Action Coordinator
  • SARAH JOHNSTON Collective Voice & Action Worker, smiling at camera.

    Sarah Johnston

    Collective Voice & Action Worker

Communications & Influencing

  • ABI BAROSS Communications & Influencing Lead, smiling at camera.

    Abi Baross

    Communications & Influencing Lead
  • ANYA STEWART Communications Coordinator, smiling at camera.

    Anya Stewart

    Communications Coordinator

Our Board

  • Dr Anastacia Elle Ryan smiling at camera.

    Dr Anastacia Elle Ryan

    Chair of the Board
  • Gabrielle Blackburn smiling from inside of a car through window looking off at camera.

    Gabrielle Blackburn

    Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Clare Fegan smiling and looking off camera camera.

    Clare Fegan

  • Amanjit Uppal smiling at camera.

    Amanjit Uppal

  • Carly Elliot smiling at camera.

    Carly Elliot

  • Elizabeth Connaghton smiling at camera.

    Elizabeth Connaghton

  • Kate Tobin smiling at camera.

    Kate Tobin

  • Lauryn Mwale smiling at camera.

    Lauryn Mwale

  • Pauline Lunn smiling at camera.

    Pauline Lunn

  • Roz Weaver smiling at camera.

    Roz Weaver


Our advisory collective

  • Abbie McGrath 
  • Aimee Wallace 
  • Aine Beattie 
  • Ainya Taylor 
  • Alice Rowe  
  • Amy Simmons 
  • Astrid Smallenbroek 
  • Caitie Dundas 
  • Chelsea Whitnall 
  • Clare Marsh 
  • Diane Stewart 
  • Eleanor Hassall-Marlow 
  • Emily Breedon 
  • Emily Love 
  • Erin Waldie 
  • Ernestina Zhu 
  • Fatima Ishaq 
  • Fiona Lewis 
  • Grace McCabe 
  • Jasmine Geissen 
  • Katie Heath 
  • Lucy Morrison 
  • Mairead Rowan 
  • Monica Lindsay-Perez 
  • Natasha Kumar 
  • Negar Ebrahimi 
  • Rachel Skelly 
  • Rebekah Cheung 
  • Robyn Moffat-Wall 
  • Sally Pentecost 
  • Samantha Stewart 
  • Wiktoria Orlicka