A new chapter…

A new chapter…

Jenny Snell, the CEO of The Young Women’s Movement
By: Jenni Snell CEO
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Welcome to the first blog of our new chapter as The Young Women’s Movement!

Following our rebrand and new strategy launch, the response has been incredible. So here are a few reasons why we wanted a new chapter and some of the people behind it…

The Rebrand

Thanks to More Yum who led our rebranding, we wanted to look at The Young Women’s Movement approach to our organisational positioning, language and visual representation as primary focuses.

Our five strategic outcomes are:

  1. Unlocking potential
  2. Connecting voices and experiences
  3. Mobilising collective action
  4. Challenging systemic inequality
  5. Inspiring feminist wellbeing

Our audience is young women and girls and we are trying to influence other young people, policy and decision-makers, Scottish Government & elected officials and education providers.

We wanted to look at how we tell our story to all those we engage with and want to reach and a bit part of that meant listening to you and condensing that into a new brand strategy and identity.

By doing things like holding a workshop, some of the words that stood out for us were:


All these things started to shape what our identity would be including birthing new aims, statements and missions including:
We Rise By Lifting Others
Exist Loudly
Create Feminist Spaces
It’s Not Feminism If It’s Not Intersectional

So for a start, our new font Zetkin is created by independent type designer Inga Ploennings

The colours embrace radical positivity:

The logo focuses on the shape of an arrow and forward motion:

This has now been all brought together for our new chapter. So what do you think?

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