Young Women Lead 2021

Young Women Lead 2021

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  • Research report

Young Women Lead 2021 is a leadership programme for young women aged 16 – 30 who live in Glasgow. It is delivered by YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement. The programme was first launched in 2017 in partnership with the Scottish Parliament and was created from a need to address the underrepresentation of young women in politics. In 2021, the programme was revised to further engage young women with local democracy.

The Young Women Lead (YWL) cohort 2021 have undertaken a 9-month long study into Glasgow’s urban infrastructure and whether it reflects and supports the diverse needs of women and non-binary people living in the city. The cohort collected gender disaggregated data through two surveys focused on attitudes towards Glasgow’s bus system and public parks. With this approach, they aimed to centre women and non-binary people’s experiences within urban design and development. This report presents their findings through a lens of feminist town planning, with a view of projecting this perspective onto Glasgow’s urban infrastructure.

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