Aeisha Ali

Aeisha Ali

Age: 30
Location: Edinburgh

Aeisha is a 30-year-old Pakistani Muslim born and bred in Scotland. She is a recent first-class honours direct entrant graduate of MA Accountancy and Finance from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Aeisha was a mature student who returned to education several years after leaving school due to poor health without obtaining any Higher qualifications.

She has shown resilience and perseverance to continue with her dream of completing her education despite many unsuccessful attempts due to poor health, depression, and taking on the huge caring responsibility of a family member. Despite the obstacles, she successfully returned to education in 2017 at West Lothian College before securing a place at university to continue with her academic studies. Since 2011 and throughout her studies, Aeisha has been a full-time carer for her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

She is extremely passionate about social justice issues. In particular, she is interested in providing education and livelihood projects for women and children living in war-torn countries and affected by diaspora, as well as helping raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease and carers. She has on several occasions fundraised for those causes closest to her heart through both small and big initiatives whether it be by using her amazing cooking skills to provide snacks and desserts for bake sales or ziplining across the River Clyde or organising fundraising dinners.

Aeisha’s undergraduate dissertation thesis looked at Muslim women’s experiences and appearances within the accountancy profession, an underrepresented topic within accounting research. She has a keen interest not only in exploring and understanding different cultural narratives but also in attempting to change South Asian cultural bias including the Western negative stereotypes of Muslim women and overall prejudices women experience due to their appearances. She aspires to make a positive impact for carers and for women from all walks of life through charitable causes, education, and feminist research. She hopes that sharing her own experiences will serve as a means of encouragement and inspiration for those women with similar aspirations.