Caitlin Lee

Caitlin Lee

Age: 27
Location: Glasgow
Pronouns: she/her

Caitlin Lee, 30 under 30 nominee in 2023 waving a flag smiling and looking off camera.

Content Note: Mentions of assault

I am proud to be a trade unionist and campaign for safe travel home for late-night workers. The Get Me Home Safely Campaign started in Glasgow after I was assaulted trying to get home safely after a shift. Through Unite Hospitality I have campaigned for safe travel for all late-night workers to ensure no worker has to fear getting home safely.

Since 2021 The Get Me Home Safely campaign has been passed in councils all over Britain which will ensure thousands of low-paid – particularly young women – workers will get home safely after a shift. The policy will come into action in Glasgow this November which is particularly cathartic and important to me!

For me this campaign wasn’t just about putting my energy into stopping what happened to me from happening to others, it was about tackling gender-based violence through my trade union. For too long women have felt unsafe doing the most basic of things like walking home, campaigns like Get Me Home Safely work to end that fear.

No worker or person should feel unsafe for simply getting themselves home at night but sadly that is the reality, and I am proud to campaign and represent workers who no longer accept this reality and are challenging employers, politicians and society to ensure all workers get home safely. To be involved in such an important campaign that helps to guarantee the safety of thousands of workers is so inspiring to me and motivates me as a trade unionist and a feminist to always fight for workers’ rights.