Eleace McPheators

Eleace McPheators

Age: 27
Location: East Ayrshire
Pronouns: she/her

Eleace McPheators, 30 under 30 nominee in 2023 smiling at the camera.

I was nominated for the achievements that I have made throughout my life since becoming a young mother at the age of sixteen. I was branded as the stereotypical teenage mother. I have worked so hard since becoming a mother and now eleven years later I run my own successful dance school with over sixty kids. We have a competitive team that competes all over the UK and have recently competed twice in Spain.

I also possess a Scottish Gymnastics qualification, which I teach for East Ayrshire Council in our local school!

I most recently secured my dream job within the District Nursing team as a Healthcare Support Worker. After securing my first nursing assistant post within the NHS in 2020 after my beloved Nana passed, I have worked tirelessly to extend my skills and knowledge to go into community nursing. This post enables me to do something I love, whilst still running my dance school and caring for my three wonderful boys!

My message to girls and women of all ages would be that it’s never too late to go after something you love! Your past most certainly doesn’t define your future and tough times don’t last forever! Every small step in the right direction is progress.