Jordan Baird

Jordan Baird

Age: 22
Location: West Lothian
Pronouns: she/her

Jordan Baird, 30 under 30 nominee in 2023 smiling at the camera.

I see myself as a community activist trying to create positive change within the community in various ways, such as being a member of the Management Committee, a Parent Council member, and Vice President of the Gala Day Committee. This journey all started when I was around 14; this gave me the courage to begin volunteering in my local youth club. This led me to become a Youth Support Worker at 16, doing targeted mental health support for young people, supporting holiday provisions and sexual health work. I recently started my new post as a senior youth worker, supporting other colleagues with training, implementing a new IT system, and identifying and filling gaps within community-based provisions.

While at university studying Community Education, I attended a Bridging Digital conference, part of the Erasmus Plus project, which addressed international delegates on community education practices in learning, teaching, and practice. I spoke mainly about using digital media and technology in youth work practices and how we use digital media as part of our assessments at university.

Also at university, I am currently creating a research proposal on Sexual Health and Young people. This will discuss pressing issues and young people’s challenges in accessing sexual health services. It aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among partners and participants from different backgrounds to address young people’s challenges. Through a collective effort, I hope this creates a more inclusive society that prioritises sexual health awareness, social justice, and equality for all.