Nikhita Vakkalagadda

Nikhita Vakkalagadda

Age: 21
Location: Edinburgh
Pronouns: she/her

Nikhita Vakkalagadda, 30 under 30 nominee in 2023 smiling and looking off camera with flowers and trees around her.

Nikhita is a musician with a blended sound rooted in Soul/R&B, and influence pulled from her South Asian identity.

Alongside her music, Nikhita started as a volunteer, and is now a Youth Work Practitioner at Intercultural Youth Scotland (a charity for young BPOC). Her goal is to work with the Youth Work team to provide a space for young people to find a sense of community and follow their creativity.

With material underpinned by delicate vocals and a strong, storytelling-type lyricism, Nikhita’s debut single “Aphrodite” went on to earn her the title of “BBC Asian Network Introducing Artist of The Week”.

In her latest single Golden Child, Nikhita sings about her personal and familial struggles with the clash between her queer and cultural identity. The track combines South Asian inspired lyricism and instrumentation with R&B infused soundscapes, creating a sound that is truly mesmerising as a result.

Inspired by artists, such as Joy Crookes, SZA, Raveena and Priya Ragu – Nikhita brings her own sound to the table and hopes you find solace in her art which is available to stream on all platforms. Listen to Nikhita’s music here and read an interview on Lunch Concept here.