Tariro Viola Mapako

Tariro Viola Mapako

Age: 28
Location: Originally from Zimbabwe, living in Glasgow

Tariro Mapako, is a human rights activist & blogger based in Scotland.

She started off as a menstrual activist often times using humour & the personification of her menstrual cycle, to shed light on women’s experiences with period poverty, taboos, and period shame. She later focused on human rights activism in its broad capacity and now enjoys hopping from one issue to another. 

Working with UKaid & Water Aid UK, Tariro works to promote Good Health & Wellbeing, and to increase access to Clean Water & Sanitation in Southern Africa. 

Apart from blogging, Tariro uses her writing skills to challenge the local government to improve human rights. During the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020 Tariro took up extra work in supporting young people with learning disabilities in supported living facilities. It was this experience that pushed her to write a series of letters to her local government to have persons with disabilities prioritised to receive the Covid vaccine. She succeeded and now continues to promote independent living amongst people with disabilities by reviewing Scotland’s learning disability strategy. 

Some of her written work has been published by Engender Scotland and Orchid Project, and with that Tariro hopes to one day write for the Human Rights Watch. 

Also at university, I am currently creating a research proposal on Sexual Health and Young people. This will discuss pressing issues and young people’s challenges in accessing sexual health services. It aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among partners and participants from different backgrounds to address young people’s challenges. Through a collective effort, I hope this creates a more inclusive society that prioritises sexual health awareness, social justice, and equality for all.